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Acting Body Positive starts here.

Be Body Positive using Body Language!

Instant confidence boosts

If you hold your body in a confident powerful way, a message is sent to the ‘pharmacy’ in your brain. In as little as a 40th of a second, this part of your brain produces “feel good” chemicals that instantly make you feel more positive. Amazingly, simple changes to your posture, such as lifting your head up a few degrees or taking longer strides when you walk, can quickly make a difference.


A smile speaks volumes, when it comes to body language. A quick, broad smile when you meet people says that you are open and approachable.

The eyebrow flash

When we meet friends and family we raise our eyebrows in an ‘eyebrow flash’ because we feel comfortable with them. If you feel anxious when meeting new people, try giving them an eyebrow flash as you greet them. This will trick your brain into seeing them as a friend rather than a foe. Your body will instantly relax, you will feel more Body Positive as you meet them; in addition you will look more approachable and friendly.


Mirroring (copying) the body language of someone you are with is a way to bond and to build understanding. It is a non-verbal way to say ‘I am like you, I feel the same’. Doing this will make you both feel confident and at ease with each other.

Signals of attraction

To show someone that you’re attracted to them, stand with your heart aimed and your toes pointed towards them.

Flash those wrists!

When a woman shows the palm of her hand and exposes her wrist to a man, it is a signal that she is attracted to him – it is a luring cue. The palm suggests openness; the wrist suggests vulnerability.

Eye contact

When meeting a new colleague, men generally hold eye contact for at least 3 seconds, whereas women tend to look away more quickly. Next time you meet someone new try holding eye contact for 3 seconds and you will make a stronger connection, and look and feel more confident.

Position of power

If you want to gain power and influence in a meeting, aim for the seat in the middle of a conference table in the seat facing towards the door. This gives you a line of site that is advantageous and enables you to create a strong alliance and connection with colleagues on your side of the table.

Encouraging your daughter

When talking to your daughter about her appearance, focus on her best features. She may have lovely eyes, or a beautiful smile for instance. Talking negatively about certain parts of her body may leave her with lasting insecurities way into adulthood.

Leading by example

Instead of just telling your daughter how to do something, let her copy your own actions. By matching and mirroring your body language she not only learns to do them herself, but the actions create a deep connection that makes her feel confident and empowered.