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Eat positive with FITNESS!


It’s all about Eating Positive. Start your day with FITNESS for breakfast. It has whole grain as No1 ingredient, fiber and 7 vitamins and minerals for a Body Positive start to your busy day.

Eating Positive starts here.

Eating Positive is the first step to Living Body Positive. Start your day with a complete and healthy breakfast including a bowl of FITNESS.  It has whole grain as No1 ingredient, fiber and 7 vitamins and minerals for a Body Positive start to your busy day.

Fitness healthy wholegrain cereals eat positive

Positive nutrition.

Go for an every day Body Positive attitude with some clever tips from a nutritionist.

Put whole in your bowl

Wholegrain foods contain fibre, vitamins and minerals, include them whenever you can; try: oats, wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread, brown rice, quinoa, and barley.

Size Matters

Avoid portion distortion and serve your food on smaller plates and bowls, and save larger bowls for salads and soups.

Bulk up on veg

Snack on veggies, add them to curries, pasta, casseroles, smoothies and fill at least half your plate with them at mealtimes. They are filling, contain vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemicals and they are low in calories, perfect!

Drinking water before dining

We often mistake thirst for hunger, so stay well hydrated (6-8 x 200ml glasses a day) and have a big glass of water before you eat to help avoid over eating, plus it will also help prevent unnecessary tiredness and headaches.

Stave the crave

Avoid going for long periods between eating, this can cause blood sugar slumps, cravings and have your reaching for the biscuit tin. Eat regularly and be prepared with healthy snacks on hand, like veg sticks, fresh fruit, low fat yogurts, almonds or a FITNESS cereal bar (just 93 calories).

Bone Strength

We build bone strength up to our mid-twenties, after which it declines, especially during menopause. So maintain the strength with plenty of calcium, vitamin D and weight-bearing exercise.

Exercise buddy

Unmotivated to exercise? Get an exercise buddy, commit to each other and there’s no excuses not to go for that lunchtime power walk, jog round the park or yoga session.

Chew it over

Start by smelling before tasting – your food experience has already started and you will enjoy it even more. We often overeat because we want more pleasure, not more food. Eating more slowly, chewing more and tasting every mouthful makes you feel fully satisfied sooner. Try it!

Step it up!

Invest in a pedomitor and get walking, jump off the bus one stop earlier, climb the escalators, take the stairs, walk to the local shop…and see the fruits of your labour.

Don’t ban foods

Banning foods only makes you crave them more, the occasional treat is fine as long as the rest of your diet is balanced and healthy. Find the right energy balance between the food you eat and the lifestyle you have.