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Join Mission Body Positive


At FITNESS, we believe it’s about Body Positivity, not body perfection. Join FITNESS on a Mission to live Body Positive.


Living Body Positive starts here.

Women everywhere and every size, shape and age seem to be unsatisfied with their bodies – and this nagging negativity holds us back from achieving all that we are capable of. FITNESS doesn’t accept this and wants to change it. So we are launching Mission Body Positive to help raise women’s self-esteem around their bodies so that they can be more confident in themselves. But we know that body confidence and Body Positivity is not something you just switch on. If only it was that easy! That is why FITNESS wants to partner with you and show you amazing ways to Eat Positive, Act Positive and Think Positive.

Eating Positive is the first step to Living Body Positive. Start your day with a complete and healthy breakfast including a bowl of FITNESS. It has whole grain as No1 ingredient, fiber and 7 vitamins and minerals for a Body Positive start to your busy day.
Means just what it says. If you act out everything you do with a positive attitude, you’ll not only appear positive but you’ll release happy hormones in your body that will make you feel more positive.
May be the toughest one for us women! We are habitually our own worst critics; this in turn creates bad feelings inside. If we tried instead to focus on our best features, and accentuate them, it’s amazing how this then reflects positively in the way we look and feel.